Mini Salami
5oz. packs for $4.79

A Tasty and Spicy Combo Of Beef,
Pork and Spice in Natural Casing.
Available in Hot and Mild.

Free Shipping $38+
Rosetta Cervalat ½
1lb. for $12.00

Created With a Pork, Beef and a Special
Blend of Spices that is Dried to Perfection.

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Amish Pride
Hunter's Sausage

5oz. packs for $4.79

Quality pork snack stick that is full of flavor
and convenience. Hot or Mild available.

Free Shipping $38+
5oz. Packs for $4.79

An Authentic German Hunters Sausage,
made with dried beef and pork, coarse
ground with a unique blend of spices.

Free Shipping $38+
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Traditional High Quality Meat Processor.

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A tasty combination of beef, pork, real jalapeno pappers and cheddar cheese in a natural casing is what makes the Jalapeno and Cheese Sausage Snack Stix an excellent choice for protein hungry, snackers.
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"I was very pleasantly surprised to recently find one of your products at our local market in Douglas, Michigan. Demond's Market..." — Roy C. Hérbert (5-22-14)

Landjaeger Hunters Sausage: Buy 3 Packages of our Old World Authentic German Recipe for only $23.94 and get FREE Shipping too! Limited Time Offer